Der Livestream vom Windsurf World Cup Sylt startet in wenigen Augenblicken.

Vodafone Livestream: Windsurf World Cup Sylt

The World’s Biggest Windsurfing Event

From September 25th to October 4th the world’s biggest windsurfing event will take place on the Brandenburger Beach on the German isle of Sylt: For ten days the island will be the playground of the Davidoff Cool Water Windsurf World Cup. More than 200.000 people are visiting Sylt every year to see the world’s top surfers compete in three different disciplines: Wave, Freestyle and Slalom.

You can be right there – via LTE-Livestream

For the very first time, you can be part of the #WorldCupSylt via Vodafone Livestream: Enjoy the whole event from wherever you are – starting with the opening ceremony on September 25th at 4pm. Watch hosts Janin Reinhardt and Ingo Meyer interview athletes, experts and members of the audience – among the guests are prodigy Philip Köster and windsurfing legend Robby Naish. You can even watch exactly what’s going on in the water, where multiple cameras will show you the surfers’ every move. On Sunday, enjoy the award ceremony, which concludes this year’s World Cup.

Don’t miss the Stars of the Surfing Scene

Among those attending the event will be two-time champion Philip Köster, who could lay the foundation for his third World Cup Title. US-surfing legend Robby Naish is witnessing the event as well, if only from the side lines. In the women’s section, Steffi Wahl has a good shot at making the top three. Also fighting for the top prize are Spain’s Iballa Ruano Moreno and Daida Ruano Daida. In the men’s department, Victor Fernandez Lopez from Spain and Brazil’s Ricardo Campello are competing.

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